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In 1994 Albert Hunt became Double Coin's first Australian customer. "I was asked to give the Double Coin drive tyre a go" says Albert. "Double Coin proved to be so successful that we still use them today."

The performance of Double Coin helped begin a partnership that nurtured the development of several Double Coin tyres with long life performance on Australian roads; tyres tested by Albert in our harsh outback environment and at the highest stress levels.

Albert Hunt started using the RLB400 drive tyre 12 months ago. "We consistently average 200,000km per drive set", says Albert. Double Coin did not have a tyre for drop deck-trailers when we first trialled their tyres" Albert continues,"so we worked with them to develop one.
Albert Hunt

It became the current RT500." Albert reports the average 'new' life of this tyre is 100,000km. "I know some operators might be sceptical of the claim, but this is our experience" he adds. Albert's experience with the Double Coin RR9 (an 11R22.5 size) for trailer application produced similar results. "Once again we clock 100,000km for first time life" says Albert. "I have to say this tyre has recorded the lowest case failure of any tyre we've had.
RLB400 RR9 The long life performance of Double Coin makes them an indespensable part of the Hunt Heavy Haulage fleet. With remote area deliveries at gross weights up to 240 tonnes, and an unusual fleet of trailers that includes B-doubles, flat-top semis, drop decks, extendables, widening low loaders and road trains, the demands on Hunts' tyres are tough.

Long tyre life means savings. Hunt recalls that "We would have had less than 5 warranty claims of any kind per year". He insists that in terms of value-for-money, the Double Coin product is 20% ahead of anything else he has tried over many years. "And in a business like ours that's a lot of money" concludes Albert.
If you need the same sort of long life performance and high levels of reliability that impressed Albert Hunt then it's time you switched to Double Coin.
RLB400 RR9