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Firestone 8 Year Header

Warranty Period And Pro Rata Percentage

During the first twelve months of service  (proof of pruchase date is required), if the  tyre is worn less than 10%, the tyre is replaced free of charge.

After the free replacement period, the replacement will be subjected to a pro rata based on years of service if proof of purchase is available or, if not, then based on years from date of manufacture (which is moulded into the sidewall of the tyre) as follows:

Years of Service or Age If worn Less Than Pro rata Collection
2nd Year 20% 20%
3rd Year 40% 40%
4th Year 50% 50%
5th Year 60% 60%
6th Year 70% 70%
7th Year 80% 80%
8th Year or until worn out 90% 90%


Replacement price: To determine the replacement price, the appropriate pro rata percentage is multiplied by Tyres4U current trade price list.


*The warranty is valid for newly purchased Firestone agricultural drive tyres as from 1 January 1994 as outlined.


The following Firestone Tyres are covered under this warranty:


Radial All Traction 23° Radial All Traction FWD Super All Traction 23° Super All Traction FWD
Radial Champion Spade Grip Champion Spade Grip Radial All Traction DT Traction Field and Road
Radial 23° Radial Deep Tread 23° Radial 9000 Radial 7000
Radial 6000 ANS Tractor  

What is Warranted?

The tyres listed above and within the warranty time-frame will be elegible for warranty processing.

Tyres shall be deemed to be worn out if the tread or lug is below 5mm depth.

Warranty will be accepted in the event the tyre becomes unusable for any reason within the
manufaturer's control.

In the event of a tyre being deemed defective by Tyres4U*, the tyre must be replaced with an
equivalent new Firestone tyre as per the pro rata conditions stated above.

Some Examples of causes and conditions normally beyond the manufacturers control are:

  • Field or road hazards eg. cut, snag, puncture, stubble damage, impact break, tear or chunk in tread, bar or shoulder.
  • Apparent overload or improper inflation pressure or abuse.
  • Wheel misalignment, rim slip, tyre/wheel assembly imbalance, mismatching adjacent tyres or other vehicle conditions, defects or characteristics.
  • Improper repair or fitting procedure.
  • Intentional alteration of either the appearance or physical characteristics of the tyre.
  • Mounting damage or conditions caused by aging or improper storage.
  • Tyres made for and used for tractor pulling contests.
  • This warranty is in addition to and/ or may be limited by any other applicable written warranty (covering special tyres or conditions) you may have received.
  • This policy does not cover tyres branded NO ADJ or NA (non adjustable) or tyres not bearing a serial number.  

Conditions and Exclusions   

  1. To any extent permitted by law, Firestone and its distributors, Tyres4U*, disclaim liability for any consequential damages, loss of vehicle use or inconvenience.
  2. This policy only applies to: a) the original purchaser of the tyres, or b) the agricultural O.E equipment
    the tyre was first fitted to.
  3. It is the owner/user's obligation to operate tyres within tyre load and speed limits (at cool air pressures specified by Firestone for load and speed according to individual tyre size and load capacity).
  4. In the case of Firestone claims, the owner/user must present the tyre to an authorised Firestone dealer
    or the Australian Distributor, Tyres4U.
  5. A replacement tyre is only provided after the defective tyre has been inspected and approval given by Tyres4U*. Under no circumstances will tyres be supplied 'pending claim'

*Tyres4U is the official Firestone distributor.