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- Yokohama
- Zeus Tyrefill
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  Latest News 

Does tyre filling stop all punctures & blow-outs?
Yes, including leaking valves & pressure drops

Do tyres have to have any pressure checks?
No, as the tyre filling is cured to the correct pressure

If the tyre is penetrated will the filling run out?
No, it will remain in place allowing full mobility

In military operations can mobility be maintained?
Yes, because the tyre filling is bullet proof

What about extremes of heat & cold?
No, problem in temperatures from -40°C to +120°C

Will tyre filling reduce normal tyre life?
No, it actually extends it, especially in harsh conditions

Are there any speed restrictions in using tyre filling?
No, as they can be used up to 80kph/50mph

What type of equipment can use tyre filling?
Lots, from small trailer tyres to giant earthmovers

Can the extra weight in tyre filling cause problems?
No, it lowers centre of gravity improving safety & grip

Does tyre fill effect a vehicle's load carrying capacity?
No, they remain exactly as specified by tyre company

Can filled tyres be retreaded?

Yes, with multiple cold-cure retreading

How soon can a filled tyre be used?

Fully cured, they are ready for use within 24 hrs

What about used tyre filling waste disposal?

ZEUS operates a full waste recovery & recycling service