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Tyre size:  6.5/80-15    98A697A6
Part No:   19941
I-3 Agricultural Implement

Features & benefits:
  • A heavy duty implement tyre for all types of hard services.
  • The 45 degree self-cleaning deep lugs are specially designed to provide high traction, and long life under hard working conditions, including on-the-road service.
  • A strong nylon carcass ensures full power transmission as well as good resistance to mechanical failures and moisture deterioration.
  • Available with steel breaker for best protection against penetration.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
19941 Alliance6.5/80-15698A697A6
28220 Alliance8.25-166109A697A
35056 Alliance9.5-226106A8
32405661 Alliance12.4-2412 
40276 Alliance15.5/80-2416163A6159
32413960 Alliance14.9-28 [13-28]12138A8
45443 Alliance16.9-2812143A8
46372 Alliance16.9/14-3014148A8
32417718 Alliance18.4-3012149A8
32417809 Alliance18.4-3014152A8
47800 Alliance16.9-3414149A8
47885 Alliance18.4-3410146A8