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AC70 T
Tyre size:  260/70R16    109A8/10
Part No:   2000043318

Features & benefits:
  • AC 70 T Wide traction tyre for heavy field work.
  • Traction - Deep lugs provide greater traction in the field.
  • Self-cleaning - Outstanding self-cleaning between lugs reduces slip and improves pulling power.
  • Deep high-grip lugs transmit traction, even on wet ground.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
2000043316 Mitas240/70R16 104B
2000043318 Mitas260/70R16 109A8/10
4006341760 Mitas280/70R18 114B
4006341850 Mitas260/70R20 113A8/11
4006341770 Mitas280/70R20 116A8/11
4006341710 Mitas300/70R20 110A8/11
4006340690 Mitas360/70R20 120A8/12
341071644 Mitas380/70R20 122A8/12
341073815 Mitas320/70R24 116A8/11
341074553 Mitas380/70R24 125A8/12