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Tyre size:  420/85-38 [16.9-38]    149A8
Part No:   33300149
R-1 Agro Forestry Reinforced

Features & benefits:
  • The Alliance AF-333 is a new and modern steel-belted diagonal Agro-Forestry tyre designed for, agriculture, forestry and on-road use.
  • The tyre is designed for excellent grip,high traction abilities, low slip & fuel consumption.
  • Larger lug contact area, extra large footprint and high tread depth coupled with improved cut & chip resistant tread compound ensures almost double tyre life than a normal tractor tyre, if used for agricultural activity.
  • High NSD provides high traction even on wet soil.
  • The tyre has a strong and specific lug configuration for forestry applications.
  • A strong bead bundle, with extra thick reinforced sidewall and a high turn up of plies around bead ensure excellent stability and protection against external damages.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
33300012 Alliance320/85-24 [12.4-24]14127A8
33300054 Alliance380/85-24 [14.9-24]14137A8
33300104 Alliance380/85-28 [14.9-28]14139A8
33300118 Alliance420/85-28 [16.9-28]14144A8
33300126 Alliance420/85-30 [16.9-30]14145A8
33300134 Alliance460/85-30 [18.4-30]14150A8
33300146 Alliance420/85-34 [16.9-34] 147A8
33300172 Alliance460/85-34 [18.4-34]14150A8
33300149 Alliance420/85-38 [16.9-38]14149A8
33300242 Alliance460/85-38 [18.4-38]14151B
33300275 Alliance520/85-38 [20.8-38]14160A8
33300285 Alliance520/85-42 [20.8-42]162A8159B