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Tyre size:  600/65R28    154D
Part No:   341071842
Radial Drive

Features & benefits:
  • SuperFlexionTyre (SFT) Maximum load capacity and traction for powerful machines.
  • Developed specifically for use on high-horsepower tractors (>180 hp).
  • Flexible, ultra-strong, allows low inflation pressures for high load-carrying capacities, gentle ground handling and higher yields.
  • Maximum traction and outstanding productivity thanks to transport speeds of 65 km/h and a large contact patch.
  • Flexible sidewalls deliver maximum load capacity at the lowest possible inflation pressures for better traction and optimum soil protection, even with the heaviest equipment.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
341075932 Mitas750/65R26 166D/169
341071842 Mitas600/65R28157A8154D
341074409 Mitas600/70R30155A8152D
341089519 Mitas710/60R30165A8162D
6006431370 Mitas900/60R32178B181A8
4006341530 Mitas650/85R38176A8173D
4006341610 Mitas710/70R38174A8171D
4006340220 Mitas800/70R38181A8178D
4006340240 Mitas900/60R38181A8178D
4006340590 Mitas710/75R42178A8175D