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Tyre size:  480/70R34    143D/146
Part No:   4006340550

Features & benefits:
  • The new all-round benchmark in the 70 series wide tyre segment with higher load capacities then conventional 70 series.
  • Low operating costs thanks to minimised slip, plus gentle ground handling through high load capacity.
  • Comfortable, safe road performance, thanks to wide tyre shoulders.
  • Particularly gentle handling of grassland through rounded shoulder design and lug edges.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
4006341380 Mitas360/70R24 122D/125
4006341240 Mitas380/70R24 125D/128
4006341210 Mitas420/70R24 130D/133
4006341440 Mitas480/70R24 138D/141
4006341390 Mitas380/70R28 127D/130
341081360 Mitas380/70R28 127D/130
4006341220 Mitas420/70R28 133D/136
4006340510 Mitas480/70R28 140D/143
341072337 Mitas480/70R28 140D/143
341081377 Mitas420/70R30 134D/137
4006341400 Mitas420/70R30 134D/137
341072436 Mitas480/70R34 143D/146
4006340550 Mitas480/70R34 143D/146
4006341450 Mitas520/70R34 148D/151
4006341420 Mitas480/70R38 145D/148
4006341230 Mitas520/70R38 150D/153
4006341460 Mitas580/70R38 155D/158