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Radial AT 23
Tyre size:  30.5LR32    170A8
Part No:   47714
R-1 Radial All Traction 23

Features & benefits:
  • Excellent traction long even wear and smooth ride.
  • Radial construction improves fuel economy, long wear and positive traction.
  • Long wearing, tear resistant tread.
  • Resists penetration.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
47714 Firestone30.5LR32***170A8
903 FirestoneIF 900/60R32 182B
47663 Firestone900/60R324 STAR176A8
47897 Firestone480/85R34 [18.4R34] 149/B
48122 Firestone520/85R34 [20.8R34] 162A8
48214 Firestone23.1R34 151A8
48973 Firestone480/80R38 [18.4R38]**149A8
49237 Firestone520/85R38 [20.8R38]**155A8
49716 Firestone480/80R42 [18.4R42]**154A8
560 FirestoneIF 520/85R42 169A8
49956 Firestone14.9R46****145B
49939 Firestone480/80R46 [18.4R46]***158A8