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Tyre size:  270/95R38 [11.2R38]    137D
Part No:   48614
R-1 Row Crop (Narrow) Radial

Features & benefits:
  • Special line of radial tyres for all types of cultivation, harvesting and spraying jobs.
  • Round shoulders for soil and crop protection.
  • A tough nylon casing and rigid belt provide all the advantages of the radial construction.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
44300 Alliance9.5R28109A8106B
35049001 Alliance230/95R28109A8106B
35050008 Alliance8.3R32 116D
47303 Alliance9.5R32****128D
47343 Alliance270/95R32 [11.2R32]****132D
48460 Alliance9.5R36****130D
48505 Alliance11.2R36****136D
48614 Alliance270/95R38 [11.2R38] 137D
35023900 Alliance11.2R42 [270/95R42] 139D
49786 Alliance8.3R44 210/95R44****126D
49792 Alliance9.5R44****134D
49885 Alliance11.2R44 140D
49922 Alliance11.2R46 270/95R46 141D
49923 Alliance300/95R46 [12.4R46] 147D
35050030 Alliance9.5R48 136D
49982 Alliance11.2R48 142D
35050032 Alliance13.6R48 [340/85R48] 151D
49986 Alliance300/95R52 [12.5R52]****148D
35075080 Alliance270/95R54 156D