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Radial 9000
Tyre size:  320/90R46    148B
Part No:   49948
R-1W Smooth Ride/Long Wear

Features & benefits:
  • Revolutionary vibration-resistant lug design provides a smooth ride and excellent wear.
  • R-1W tread depth for improved wet traction.
  • Designed for Euro-sized tractors to excel in many soil types and conditions.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
36712 Firestone480/65R24133A8133B
36500 Firestone540/65R24140A8140B
46230 Firestone540/65R30150A8150B
48287 Firestone480/70R34155A8155B
359092 Firestone320/85R38 143B
49644 Firestone900/50R42168A8168B
49948 Firestone320/90R46 148B
49949 Firestone380/90R46152A8152B
49987 Firestone320/90R50 [12.4R50] 148
362050 Firestone380/90R50 151A/B
49957 Firestone380/90R54 152