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Tyre size:  520/85R38    169A8/B
Part No:   A1ANA071

Features & benefits:
  • A broad and deeper designed tread pattern -> increased footprint, traction and improved fuel economy while lowering soil compaction and field working time.
  • Unique carcass design -> Reduces internal carcass stress to produce even ground pressure across tyre tread area while promoting effective transmission of torque to traction and increased puncture resistance in tread area.
  • A precisely developed wear resistant compound -> prolongs tyre service life, longer tread wear and less tread movement
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
A1ANA043 Advance280/85R24 115A8/B
A1ANA051 Advance320/85R24 122A8/B
A1ANA027 Advance420/70R24 130A8/B
A1ANA026 Advance420/70R28 133A8/B
A1ANA033 Advance460/85R30 145A8/B
A1ANA025 Advance480/70R30 141A8/B
A1ANA036 Advance420/85R34 142A8/B
A1ANA042 Advance420/85R38 144A8/B
A1ANA071 Advance520/85R38 169A8/B
A1ANA032 Advance710/70R38 171A8/B
A1ANA070 Advance480/80R46 158A8/B