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Multiuse 550
Tyre size:  620/80R42    177D
Part No:   55007030
R-4 Tractor Industrial Steel

Features & benefits:
  • Alliance 550 is designed for industrial tractors, backhoes, loaders, municipality and any equipment dealing with transport.
  • Long tread life & improved ride comfort.
  • Special block tread pattern enables high performance on multiple surfaces.
  • Rated at 65km/ph with high load capacities.
  • This tyre is made for on road, sand, hard surface conditions with a steel belt in the tread area offering more puncture resistance.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
55000012 Alliance305/70R16.5 [12R16.5] 141A5
55010460 Alliance340/80R18 [12.5R18] 138D
55010405 Alliance365/70R18 135B
55001620 Alliance360/80R20 143D
38099 Alliance300/80R24 [11.2R24] 133A8
55001615 Alliance340/80R24 [12.4R24] 135D
36612 Alliance360/80R24 [13.6R24] 138D
55001710 Alliance400/80R24 149A8
55002025 Alliance440/80R24 (16.9R24) 154A8
45321 Alliance400/80R28 [14.9R28] 146D
45782 Alliance440/80R28 [16.9R28] 151D
46302 Alliance440/80R30 [16.9R30] 153D
46586 Alliance480/80R30 [18.4R30] 157D
55005500 Alliance540/65R30 156D
47808 Alliance440/80R34 [16.9R34] 155D
47909 Alliance480/80R34 [18.4R34] 159D
47912 Alliance480/80R38 [18.4R38] 161D
48572 Alliance540/80R38 [20.8R38] 167D
55007030 Alliance620/80R42 177D
49558 Alliance650/65R42 171D