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Tyre size:  14.00-24    
Part No:   P1630

Features & benefits:
  • For hauling over rock, coal andlog-strewn terrain.
  • Tough tread resists cuts and snags.
  • Less heat buildup enables smooth running over longer distances than the deep tread (E-4) types.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
P3172 Yokohama10.00-2014 
Q0763 Yokohama1100-2016 
Q0663 Yokohama1200-2018 
P3040 Yokohama44x18-2036 
P3146 Yokohama50x20-2036 
P3255 Yokohama1200-2420 
P0944 Yokohama1200-2420 
Q0173 Yokohama1300-2418 
P1609 Yokohama1400-2428 
P1630 Yokohama14.00-2412 
P1740 Yokohama14.00-2412 
P3214 Yokohama1400-2428 
P1634 Yokohama1400-2524 
P0145 Yokohama1600-2528 
P3215 Yokohama16.00-2532 
P0105 Yokohama17.5-256 
P3164 Yokohama18.00-2540 
P0308 Yokohama1800-2532 
P1898 Yokohama20.5-2516 
P1923 Yokohama23.5-2524 
P0622 Yokohama26.5-2524 
P0237 Yokohama26.5-2524 
P0666 Yokohama29.5-2528 
P0788 Yokohama29.5-2528 
P3230 Yokohama2400-2942 
P0663 Yokohama29.5-2928 
P3145 Yokohama29.5-2934 
P2992 Yokohama33.25-2932 
P3140 Yokohama2100-3540 
P3352 Yokohama2400-3548 
P2435 Yokohama33.25-3538 
P2381 Yokohama37.25-3536 
P2383 Yokohama37.25-3536 
P2384 Yokohama37.25-3536 
P2529 Yokohama29.5-3534 
P2427 Yokohama37.5-39  
P2428 Yokohama37.5-3952