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Tyre size:  18.00-33    
Part No:   P3356

Features & benefits:
  • Y69 has variations to suit the underground mine industry as well as industrial vehicles including forklifts, underground vehicles, container handlers and port equipment.
  • The tyre has a large tread width and ground contact area for good traction on paved ground surfaces.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
P3092 Yokohama750-166 
P0298 Yokohama1100-2014 
P2737 Yokohama14/70-2012 
P0639 Yokohama15.0-2016 
P1032 Yokohama1200-2420 
P3059 Yokohama12.00-2420 
P3286 Yokohama1400-2430 
P1944 Yokohama1400-2424 
P2404 Yokohama17.5-2520 
P3147 Yokohama18.00-2540 
P3400 Yokohama1800R25** 
P0768 Yokohama23.5-2520 
P3356 Yokohama18.00-3340 
P3325 Yokohama2100-3540 
P3039 Yokohama2100-3542