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Tyre size:  1600R25    200A5
Part No:   11ABB579

Features & benefits:
  • For industrial service.
  • The massive tread and very thick crown and projecting sidewall make the tyres stronger with excellent wear-resistant.
  • Radial casing improves ride comfort.
  • Extra deep tread, provides excellent abrasion resistance performance, higher mileage.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
21ABB029 Advance600R9 121A5
B1ABB063 Advance6.50R10 128A5
B1ABB064 Advance700R12 136A5
B1ABB033 Advance8.25R15 153A5
11ABB487 Advance1200R20  
A1ABB652 Advance900R20 160A5
11ABB571 Advance11.00R20 169A5
11ABB397 Advance1200R24  
11ABB402 Advance1400R24  
11ABB579 Advance1600R25 200A5
B1ABB616 Advance18.00R25 207